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Europe is the world's 2nd smallest continent, but what it lacks in size it makes up in numbers as it's also the 3rd most populated continent after Asia and Africa. Europe has 50 countries, but its borders and population are disputed. We won't be splitting hairs here, but will say that Europe is a great place to visit.

Quick facts about Europe:

  • The word Europe has Greek origins.
  • Vatican City is a sovereign city-state located in Rome, Italy.
  • Europe is the birthplace of Western Culture.
  • Currently, there are 27 Member States that make up the European Union

Flag of Albania

Flag of Andorra

Flag of Austria

Flag of Belgium

Flag of Belarus

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flag of Bulgaria

Flag of Croatia

Flag of Montenegro

Flag of Czech Republic

Flag of Denmark

Flag of Estonia

Flag of Finland

Flag of France

Flag of Greece

Flag of Guernsey

Flag of Isle of Man

Flag of Jersey

Flag of Jan Mayen Island

Flag of Svalbard

Flag of Liechtenstein

Flag of Lithuania

Flag of Latvia

Flag of Luxembourg

Flag of Macedonia

Flag of Malta

Flag of Moldova

Flag of Monaco

Flag of Germany

Flag of Norway

Flag of Poland

Flag of Portugal

Flag of Gibraltar

Flag of Romania

Flag of San Marino

Flag of Serbia

Flag of Slovakia

Flag of Slovenia

Flag of Switzerland

Flag of Sweden

Flag of Spain

Flag of Netherlands (Holland)

Flag of Ireland

Flag of Iceland

Flag of Faroe Islands

Flag of Ukraine

Flag of Vatican City (Holy See)

Flag of Hungary

Flag of United Kingdom

Flag of Italy

Flag of Turkey

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